LaylaCheval Back in Betting Mode


today we will give LaylaCheval another try with placing bets on the selections.

During the last days we analysed the data and here is an overview of the progress of the p&l figure with the applied new rules:


Again I marked our previous entry point. The downswing was inevitable, but the downswing is not that huge (ca. 50 points) as before. The graph also looks more steady. At the moment we need to build a bigger bank so we need a stable graph for raising stake size.

So fingers crossed for today!

Will update later how the day went so far.

layla_performanceNothing spectacular to report about. A small loss for today, nearly a half point loss.
This result is good news. Without the new filters it would have produced a loss of -21.40 points.
I am really excited about the next few days.

Cheers, Loocie

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