during the last few days I had some issues with the BET_IN_PROGRESS problem of the Betfair API. Not only my betting bots, but also my personal trading was affected by this issue.
When placing a bet I got sometimes a message “BET_IN_PROGRESS” instead of getting the bet placed. LaylaCheval, the laying betting bot missed some profitable selections.
I know also some traders who had problems to get out of a trade caused by this issue. What a shame!

Today Betfair made a post in the official Betfair Developer Forum about this issue:

“Our technical teams have now identified the root cause of this issue and are now looking to schedule the fix as soon as possible this week. Unfortunately we don’t yet have a release date – we will update you with further information on this as soon as we receive confirmation.“

It is good to know they are working on that issue and that they are communicating about this issue.

Cheers, Loocie

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