Analysis of February 2010


the second month of the new year is already over. Let’s have a look how I did:

Personal Trades

Tennis: -€47.27
Total Trades 53
Win Trades 21
Loss Trades 29
Scratched 3
Strike Rate 42.00%
Average Win +10.80
Average Loss: –9.45

The disappointing run in tennis continues. I am really annoyed about my tennis trading.
When I have a look at the numbers I must admit that the absolute value for average win and average loss can not produce a satisfied long term profit. Even a 50% strike rate will not produce a decent enough profit. The absolute value of my average loss should be much lower than the absolute value of my average win.
It is hard to say, but it seems that my way of trading tennis does not work.
The problem with my way of tennis trading is that I can not trade every match. More often than not I am just watching the matches without getting involved. I am just waiting for situations where I think the price is wrong, but when the price is wrong it does not mean that the player I backed will win because of the wrong price.
I am in my third year of trading tennis, but I am not yet progressing as desired. Skipping the tennis is an opportunity I am thinking about.

Horse Racing: €33.23
Only four selections for the month, but all of them lost, so I have another pleasant month on the laying front. I hope the bad weather is behind us and I hope I will have more selections during the next few months.
Last year at the end of March I started my horse laying selections so very soon we will have their first “birthday”. I will give a few more details about the selections in another post at the end of March.

Winter Sports: €4.75
I laid Lindsey Vonn @ 1.1 with a fiver on the Ladies Super G : Gold Medal Winner market. The track was difficult with lots of runners struggled, Lindsey too.

Total P&L:  -€9.29

February 2010 has been the second negative month in a row. I am not too worried about the amount I lost, but more about the tennis trading. I have not yet decided what I will do with it.

Betting Bots

It was running the whole month in simulation mode and made a small profit of 7 points.

In February it made a total profit of 42 points. We started putting money on the selections at 10th February and made since then a small profit of 7 points.

All in all, nothing to be too euphoric about, but there are signs that the bad run (and weather) might be over.

Cheers, Loocie

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