The profit counts


here is an overview of my last trades:

Trading Tennis:


I had this trades before my analysis of August 2008 so I did not apply my new risk management rules.

I only want to write about some matches:

A Radwanska v V Williams

Awful trading! I chased possible service breaks. I do not understand why I am doing this at the moment. The good thing is, I recognized my mistake and took the stop loss as soon as possible.

Davydenko v Muller

I entered the market just before Davydenko was beginning playing tennis. Odds moved too fast for me and I took my stop loss. Generally I should not oppose the favourite too often. Also Davydenko is an unpredictable player for me like Szavay and Kiefer. Stay away from these players!

Safina v S Williams


That was perfect trading!
Safina was leading early in the 1st set 2-0 and serving. I backed Williams 20€@1.55 when score was 2-0 and 40-40. I watched this match live and I saw Safina had problems with her service, because weather was very windy. She threw the ball very high when serving and that was her problem. Williams fought back and was leading 3-2 in the first set. Then I traded out and made it each way.

Generally weather conditions can influence a players service very much. So I need to know how the players do their service. Actually I am using the statistic software OnCourt, which helps me to evaluate players. But I need to have more comments by myself for each player. Actually I am not sure how to manage it. Excel might be a solution. OnCourt  has also a comment function, but I do not know how to export these comments, if I need to reconfigure my computer.

Trading Ice Hockey:

German Ice Hockey season has started and I tried to trade a match:


I really like these low liquid markets. People want to get involved in the market and take very often crazy odds. Odds on Berlin pre match were around 2.7x or so and they scored first. Then I backed Berlin 10€@2 and two minutes later I layed 6€@1.4 without action on the ice. Later I made it each way. In low liquid markets patience id the key. Just enter low odds under true market price and long-term you should be in profit.

Here is a screen shot of the market price:


Early goals and low odds can produce decent profits.

Trading Soccer:


Not very much to say. Barely odds movements so I scratched that.

Trading Formula 1:

What a race this Belgian Grand Prix was! Amazing! Look at Lewis Hamilton chart in the Winner market:


That's what I call a really trader's dream. At the end of the race it rained and there was very much action on track. Finally Hamilton won the race. I was not involved in trading the Winner market, I traded the Fastest Lap market:


It was not easy to trade this race. There were three driver setting the fastest lap one after the other. I think without rain at the end of the race Kovalainen could have had a chance to set the fastest lap. Overall I am in profit and that is good.

Trading NFL:

I was involved in the following matches:



I traded with 10€ stakes to get a feeling for the market.

Stats so far:

Tennis: -€2.01
Soccer: +€0.15
Ice Hockey: +€4.10
Formula 1: +€3.93
NFL: +€4.84

total profit this month: +€10.99

All the best with trading!

Cheers, Loocie

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