1. FC Köln vs Bayern Munich


yesterday I watched the German Bundesliga match 1. FC Köln vs Bayern Munich live in the RheinEnergie stadium.

Here some impressions:



Before kickoff Ümit Özat spoke to the fans and thanked them for supporting him after his collapse during the match Karlsruhe vs Köln.


This match was also a good example for reading a soccer match. If you have knowledge in soccer I think it is possible to read a game and to anticipate in which direction the match will develop. During the first half both teams did not play their best soccer and I had the feeling Bayern Munich was playing at 50%. Odds pre match:

Köln 6.00
Draw 4.10
Bayern Munich 1.68

I think odds on Bayern at half time would have been something like 2.0x.

In the 2nd half Munich started playing football and defence of Cologne was under pressure. Luca Toni scored twice and later Lukas Podolski scored during the injury time. Final score: Köln vs Bayern 0:3.

I think this was a good game for trading, because you could see, that Munich was playing at 50% during 1st half and you could see easily that they had more pressure on Cologne during 2nd half.

I know it was possible that the match would not develop as predicted, but if so, you need to take a stop loss.

That's it for now. Formula 1 and NFL later this day. I will post my trades of the last week and this weekend later or tomorrow.

Good luck for trading!

Cheers, Loocie

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