Good weekend


I had a nice trading weekend and here is an overview of my trades:

Trading Tennis


Jankovic v Zvonareva

I misjudged the match at the start and took a stop loss early. Then I entered the market again, when I could see that Zvonareva was able to take the second set. I closed the trade with a small win.

Jankovic v Kuznetsova

I know about Kuznetsova's 'record' when playing finals, but if you are going deeper in statistics, you will have noticed she often played the finals against Justin Henin, so my initial thoughts on this match were that the 1.7 of Jankovic was too short. I entered the market on a gambling point, but I perceived very fast, that I have to close the trade. If you are in two minds about a trade or a match, get out of it as soon as possible.

Trading NFL


I was trading the match Tennessee vs Minnesota. Pre match odds on Tennessee around 1.65. They started with a good first drive but only made a field goal. The first drive of the Vikings ended in a Fumble and I got matched a lay bet of Minnesota with 10€@2.2! Lay Minnesota at 2.2 is equal to back Tennessee at 1.83 and this is higher than the pre match odds of Tennessee and they had another drive with a lead of 3 to nothing. They made a touchdown and score was 10 to nothing and I greened up. All this action was in the first quarter of the match and I was already green.

After this match I wanted to trade the match Washington vs Dallas. Pre match odds on Dallas were around 1.24 and I decided to skip this match, because I expected a sure win by Dallas.

Final result: Washington vs Dallas 26-24!

When trading NFL matches I try to get involved only in the first half. Later the odds can move to dramatically, so I am not unhappy about skipping the Dallas match. They scored a touchdown first and score after the first quarter was 7 to nothing. Not very much possibilities of trading for me.

Trading Soccer


Not very much to say. Two matches did not develop as predicted and I took a stop loss. Generally I try to avoid trading a soccer match after 60 minutes are played, because one goal ore red card can drop the odds dramatically.

Trading Formula 1


I traded the fastest lap market. After my shocking experience during the last Grand Prix I was very cautious. My first trade did not develop as predicted and I took a stop loss and I was staring on a loss of -€3.45.

Then I entered again, when Raikkonen was setting the fastest lap. I also got a lay of Massa @3.8 matched, when he restarted from a stop, but the refuelling hose was still attached to his car. I entered again when there was a second safety car period, but odds did not move and I closed the trade. Overall, I took my losses, when necessary, which paid off.

Stats so far:

total profit this weekend: +€18.98

total loss this month: -€25.62

I was very concentrated during my trades this weekend. I researched all events I wanted to trade and I took stop losses when it was necessary.

Every morning on Saturday and Sunday I research in forums and blogs for content about trading strategies and trading psychology. During this research I have found a promising blog from 'Miss Betfair':


My Swedish is very limited, so I decided to ask her for an interview about her and her trading on Betfair. The interview will be published in next few days, even if we had the time to make this interview. I also asked her for guest blogging and maybe we can read some articles from her about trading in general.

That's it for now. Wish you all the best!

Cheers, Loocie

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