Wasting money


as mentioned earlier I have an eye on trading football.

During the last days I traded 3 football matches and lost too much money:


I watched the matches and the odds closely and maybe this was the problem. My intension is to watch a game and if I identify a situation where one team is under pressure or something else, then I should enter a market.

I also used too high stakes and I wasted my hard-earned money. The next matches I will do only paper trading and if I am making consistently profit, I can use small stakes.

My monthly soccer trading is a night mare:

total loss soccer July 2008: -€52.21

Trading tennis works really good:


Not much to say. Had a good day yesterday. No mistakes means profit:

total profit tennis July 2008: €76.23

In a few days I will analyse my trading during this month, but it would not be a secret that soccer was the sport I lost too much money.

Stats for this month so far:

total profit this month: €23.69

All the best, Loocie


Jimmakos said...

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Loocie said...

Hi Jimmakos,

I have added your blog to my related blog section. Thank you very much!

Cheers, Loocie