No trading these days


no trading in the last few days. This year's All England Championship seems very unpredictable. Many favourites were losing their matches and they lost very often in straight sets.

Some players did not prepared for grass court season, so I can understand some losses, but it is really funny to see Rainer Schuettler or Arnaud Clement in semi final of Wimbledon.

It was also very exciting to see yesterday's match Murray vs Gasquet. I could not understand why Gasquet stopped playing tennis.

While typing this I am watching Dementieva vs Petrova via scoreboard and I can not believe what happened to Dementieva. She won 1st set 6-1 and was leading 5-1 in 2nd set. She lost 2nd set 6-7 and actually they are playing the 3rd set.

Here is a screen shot of odds movement:


More than 600k matched @1.01, unbelievable!!!

This year is my first year in trading tennis, so I am really interested, if there are generally many upsets at Wimbledon. Feel free to share your experiences via comment or email.

I added some new features to this blog:

blog list with preview

I like this blog list with short previews of actual blog entries of other blogs. If you want to exchange links fee free to leave a comment or send an email.

search box

I also added a search box to the right panel.

When not trading I am actually developing a mobile client for Betfair. There are some solutions available for mobile devices, but they do not match my requirements. Betfair Mobile is not very comfortable, so I want to develop a mobile client for devices with Windows Mobile operating system. If you have any experiences with Betfair API feel free to contact.

When re-reading this blog entry I recognized I forgot to write about the final of Euro 2008. Well, it was a match to forget. I am really disappointed about Germany's performance. It was a final, but they were not fighting!

So congratulation to Spain!

All the best, Loocie

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