Hitting the Jackpot!…On Paper


currently I am not writing as much about my trading in general, because this month is really quit so far. Just placed bets on my lay selections, traded a few tennis matches and had some bets on soccer.

I am working on a few things at the moment: Next step is to get a Baseball Bot running. Pre season is already running, so the goal is to have the bot available in April when season starts.

Today HorstBecker, the horses backing bot hit a nice winner in the Wincanton 17:30 race. Reinriver won the race with a BSP of 99.30!


This puts the month into the profit zone, but only on paper. Weather in UK seems to improve from day to day, so I am pretty sure HorstBecker will produce more winning days.

LaylaCheval, the horse laying bot is not yet in the profit zone. Currently we are looking at a loss of -16.65 points in March.

Cheers, Loocie

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