Lay Selections


Today’s selections:

No selection.

NB. All selections are lay selections. Only lay the given selections, if the odds are less or equal 5.0. If the price is greater than 5.0 it is not a bet. I recommend to take the early odds and a maximum liability of 5% of your bank roll on each given selection.

Cheers, Loocie


Easwaran said...

Beloved Loocie
it is indeed very kind of you to take time to read the comments and above all Respond to them
thanks for this wonderful attitude
my friend
i am from india,
i came across your blog via
i am delighted and thrilled by your keen knowledge
i am a small player
since a friend of mine who is in Europe
has kindly given me an account in Betfair
it is very small bank
for fun and educational purpose
with doyan like you trading with bot
it is quite thrilling to know
that automated trade
if it is fine with you
you can feed me back regarding this "bot"
and the method
it is wonderful of you to share your knowledge

Loocie said...

Hello Easwaran,

thanks for dropping by. It is great to have readers from India!

I have a normal day job, so I am doing all the work on the betting bots during my free time. I am working in the betting bots for over a year now and I do not want to give details away.

Currently I am working on value selections for soccer matches, so maybe I will publish thoses selections in the near future.

All the best!


Easwaran said...

my dear friend
it is wonderful of you to respond
it is fine with me
i was curious about bot
if this bot is available for sale do inform me
in the future
good luck to you
keep smiling
keep working
love and immense gratitude