Our first Cheltenham


the 2010 Cheltenham Festival has been our first Cheltenham Festival ever.
During the last few weeks we saw HorstBecker, our horses backing bot, performing better and better on simulation mode. So we decided to let it placing its selections on Betfair:
cheltenham_horstbecker This P&L figure also includes a profit of +€5.32 from a lay selection, so the Cheltenham 2010 total P&L is +€82.42.

The bot had 42 selections and 6 winners (using €2 level stakes).

The weather is improving day by day and also the performance of the betting bot is improving, too. This weekend we will do some analysis on all the data we have and the aim is to get the bot ready for placing bets again from April on.

The Cheltenham Festival was really exciting. I watched a lot of races on Betfair live video. Was impressive to hear the crowd during the races. Great atmosphere! I think it is just a question of time, when I will visit the festival.

Cheers, Loocie

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