Soccer Mystic Trading Lab


currently there not many tennis matches around, so I started an experiment on trading on soccer. I purchased the Bet Angel trial for 30 days for 15 pounds. This includes Soccer Mystic too. The goal is to get comfortable with Soccer Mystic and the soccer markets on Betfair. The first game I traded was Germany v Ivory Coast on Wednesday.

I traded soccer in the past too, but today my style is different. In the past I was looking for value bets inplay, but today my entry and exit points are based only on odds movement, so I will not depend on the outcome of the game.

I traded the match above with EUR10 stakes. There is to goal about making a certain amount of profit during the trial period. I just need to learn and understand the market movements. If I can stay in profit and pay the trail period charge for Soccer Mystic with the profit I make I will be fine.

Cheers, Loocie

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