Horse Racing


when we started the blog tennis was the main sport I traded on. This year I struggled a little with trading on tennis, so I had a look at other sports too. My horse laying selections seem to be steady profitable, but with only 10 to 20 selections per month the bank will grow slowly.

Since July we are working on two betting bots: One for laying and one for backing horses. The backing bot called HorstBecker is running in simulation mode since October. Since last week it is running with real money on it and it is nearly 25 points in profit so far. At the moment all selections are matched manually, but during the next few days I will work on the automated bet placing and hopefully this will reduce some work, too.
Sometimes I am also watching the races and the odds during the races.

Today there was really big money on CHARINGWORTH. Did someone had some insider information?

CHARINGWORTH won the race. I am happy HorstBecker had this selection too.
LaylaCheval (the laying bot) is still running in simulation mode (since mid September), but it shows decent results so far. It is 41 points up for November.

It was hard work to get to the point we are at the moment and I am pretty sure there will be more work in the future to improve both betting bots.

Cheers, Loocie

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