Analysis Of October 2009


another month is over, so it is time to review the results of the month.

American Football: -€7.64
The selections of Stock Lemon did not perform that good in October. Overall there is still a profit, so no problem with that.

Football: €20.90
Just one bet on Germany versus Russia. Great value and nice profit.

Horse Racing: €19.60
The lay selections had a tough month. Two losers at the start of the month. Then we had 10 days without selections, but the patience paid off. Five winnings in the row secured the profit. I used a fixed liability staking of €15.00 per selection.

Motor Sport: -€5.79
Just two races in October: Brazil and Japan. It was not possible to trade the fastest lap market, because there was no liquidity. Tried to discover other markets, which ended in a small loss.

Tennis: €53.35
A really decent result so far. Could have been better, but yesterday I lost on V Williams v Jankovic. This was a great lesson, because I saw what was my mistake: I tried to trade momentum. Trading momentum in WTA tennis matches is the worst thing you could do. Just keep patient and lay low. That’s what I did the whole month except the match yesterday.

Total P&L: €80.42
A nice profit for the month. Currently my maximum stake size is €20.00. Raising stake size is definitely a task for the next year. That’s something I struggled with this year.

The tennis season is nearly over, so I will spend more time on developing the trading bots.
HorstBecker is a bot I developed, which bets on horses. At the moment it is running in simulation mode and showing promising results.
LaylaCheval is a bot, which lays horses. It is also running in simulation mode, but I need to do more coding, to make it easier to get the daily profit/loss figure.
At the moment Muxor is doing all the daily reporting manually, which is a lot of work.
The goal is to have two bots, one for backing, one for laying, which do their work fully automated.

That’s it so far. Will post later possible lay selections.

Cheers, Loocie

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