I don’t know how to start this blog entry. brxbxp44828During the last two weeks I traded really bad. I entered when there was no trading opportunity, I chased losses, I forced trades and I turn into a tilt mode. This has not happened to me before. At the moment I am really clueless, so I take a timeout. It makes no sense to waste the money. The tennis season will be long, so there is no need to rush into trades. Maybe some days off will distract me from the last results.

Here is an overview of the dilemma:tennis 
During the next few days I will not trade any events and I will not follow the matches via TV or live score. I will take a complete timeout and charge my batteries for the next challenges.

Stats so far:
Total loss since last update: -74.09
Total loss this month: -22.55

Cheers, Loocie

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