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before I write about my trading since the last update I want to mention that some good bloggers decided to call it a day.

A couple of weeks ago John from Flutterfly called it a day and stopped blogging. His insights about Formula 1 betting and trading were really helpful, because he didn’t just write about how much he won or lost. He wrote about his thoughts and expectations during a race weekend. He has a really professional approach and it seems he has no problems with patience and discipline.

This week Mark Iverson called it a day too and stopped blogging. It is really sad to hear this, but I also want to thank him for running his blog, because it helped me to get more organized and to learn about money management and risk and reward.

I understand their decisions to stop blogging. It is not that interesting to write about how much you win or lose. It is more interesting to follow the progress of a trader from his beginning to his well formed trading behaviour. If you read Mark’s blog from the beginning (I know it is very much to read, but I can recommend this, because I did it too) you will get an overview about his progress to a professional sports trader.

I use my blog to share ideas and thoughts about trading on sport events with other traders and of course I use it to have a diary of my sports trading activities. It is really interesting to compare my blog entries today with the blog posts a year ago.

However, I also had some trades during the last days and here is an overview:tennisNot very much action since the start of the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells due to low liquidity in the markets and for lack of TV coverage. I am a little surprised about the low liquidity. Maybe the bad working scoreboard is a reason too.

Mostly I stayed away from the matches, because I did not want to risk a loss caused by having no opportunities to take a stop loss.

As mentioned earlier on my Analysis Of February 2009 I will setup another small trading bank for discovering other sports. This week I recognized Betfair showing darts on Betfair Live Video. I am not sure if they will show all future events, so I had a look for other live pictures and I found PDCtv. The question is, how much are these pictures delayed? I have no problem with a small delay, but if they are 10 or more seconds behind, it don’t might be useful. Feel free to write your experience with this broadcasting service via email or comments.

Stats so far:
Total profit since last update: +11.83
Total profit this month: +90.93

Cheers, Loocie


amorphous said...

Hi Loocie,

I saw your title and thought you were announcing your blogging retirement too!!

I'm glad that's not the case!!

Well done on your February results, and good luck with Indian Wells this week.

Loocie said...

Hi Amorphous,

thanks for dropping by. I am still blogging and it helps me to stay focused.

Good to see you made a profit in spite of your loss on the Reds v Sharks.

All the best for you!

Cheers, Loocie

Anonymous said...

Blogging has had it's golden age that's now in the past. Trading even in a trading room is solitary pursuit so it nice to voice ones feelings. However the more successful the blogger the more they will attract negative comments

Loocie said...

Hello Anonymous,

thanks for cour comment. What exactly do you mean with a "trading room"? Is it a small group of traders sharing their ideas and thoughts on sports trading?

Cheers, Loocie