Analysis Of February 2009


another month is over, so again it is time to analyse my trades. In February I traded on soccer and tennis.

Trading Soccer
soccer The screenshot above is from my trading excel sheet. Since July 2009 I track as much data as possible. Keeping records help you really much, because you can have a look at trades from the past with a more objective view.

Total loss trading soccer: –18.22

Trading Tennis
number of markets I traded: 30
number of wins: 18
number of losses: 9
scratched trades: 3

number of wins > 3€: 14 
number of losses > 3€: 8

total win: +204.90
total loss: –75.16
total pl: +129.74

average win: +11.38
average loss: –8.35
average pl: +4.32

win rate: 67%
max win: +27.48
max loss:

I am still making mistakes, when trading, but I recognize them early and stick to my rules. My maximum loss was –17.14, which was 6.16% of my trading bank (€278.39). The stats above indicates I am on the right path.

Total profit trading tennis: +129.74

What is the conclusion of February 2009?
Trading soccer was not very successful, but trading tennis worked really good. At the start of 2009 I set myself a goal to achieve €1000 profit on trading. I will stop doing experiments with other sports than tennis. If I stick to my rules, it would be much easier to achieve this goal and if I achieved that goal, I will setup a 2nd small trading bank for discovering other markets. I am really interested in trading snooker, darts, golf and basketball.
I made +€111.52 (increase of 40% of my trading bank) during February 2009, so this is the best performance since I started the blog.

My new stake sizes:

Using stakes like €77 instead of €80 or €55 instead of 50€ can give you a small advantage, because you can type these figures faster. It is not a big advantage, but sometimes this can be the difference to get matched or not. It is also easier to the remember figures like this.

Overall stats:
Year 2008: +€156.48
January 2009: +€28.39
February 2009: +€111.52

Cheers, Loocie

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