Trading in Simulation Mode

If you are trading with a serious background you will have experienced paper trading. It is not very spectacular, but it is a safe way to test your new strategy or idea.

The problem with paper trading is you just write down the odds when you back and lay a given selection. Paper trading on the pre race horse market can be very inefficient. You need to make fast decisions based on the action in the market, so writing down your trades make it very difficult to follow the market.

Many people trying to learn trading with small stakes, but at the beginning they are losing money. Even if it is a small amount per day, they are just losing money.

When I am reading forums and articles related to betting and trading I always have my eyes open on new things which can help me to make more profit.

Today I found two pieces of software BetFairAndSquare and OddzBreaker, which provide a simulation mode for trading on sport events. Before I continue I just want to mention that I do not get money for writing about it, so this is not advertising, just sharing some news.

Here are some screenshots:



If you have any experience with both solutions, please feel free to drop a comment.

Cheers, Loocie


JS said...

Looks interesting. Have you had any experience with either of them at all.

bigdavestar said...

What software do you recommend to use to get started trading horse racing? I've heard Bet Angel is good.

Loocie said...

No, not yet, but I am sure I will have a closer look on OddzBreaker. It has a ladder interface and a simulation mode. So I will give the horse pre race trading a try.

Yeah, BetAngel is a powerful tool, but it is a little costly. If you just want to have a try on trading the horses pre race it might be better to start with a low cost tool like OddzBreaker or BettingAssistant from Gruss.
If you are feeling that trading the horse suits you, you can move to BetAngel and trade with real money. OddzBreaker and BettingAssistant offer also free trial periods.
Here some links:


Cheers, Loocie

JS said...

Thanks Loocie, please let me know your thoughts if you get around to using either of them. Also would appreciate the exhanging of blog links if thats cool.


Loocie said...

Hi JS,

Thanks for you comment.
I will take the time to test this software and do a little training on trading the horses, but need some days off from work for that.
I added your blog to my blog list.
Can you please return the favour?

Good luck with your trading. Will follow your progress!

Cheers, Loocie

JS said...

Thank you mate, I have updated mine also.