Analysis Of July 2009


July is over, so I will do my monthly review about my betting and trading. Here is an overview of my results of July sorted by sports:

Horse Racing: EUR9.73
Motor Sport: EUR59.93
Tennis: EUR2.96  

Total P&L: EUR72.62

The horse racing lay selections produced a small profit and I am happy with that. I had 12 selections with 10 winners and 2 losers. One winning selection does not count as a selection, because there was not enough money traded below 5.0, so I had 11 selections with 9 winning selections and 2 losing selections which produced a strike rate of 81%. Average winning lay odds was 4.14 which is a little higher than the average winning lay odds of the past months.

Trading Formula 1 was really nice this month. There were also difficult races, but I kept cool and stayed away. That might be a key for success. There is no need to trade as many events as possible, a mistake I made in the past too often.

Trading tennis did not worked really good. I only got involved in a few matches, so I am not worried about the small profit. There were two weeks with just small tournaments and I skipped those events.

July 2009 was the first month without conducting experiments. In past, too often I was wasting money because I tried out some strategies or ideas with money.

My time – profit ratio this month was really good. I avoided to sit in front of the computer too often, without getting involved.

That’s it for now. Later I will post possible lay selections.

Cheers, Loocie

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