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June is nearly over and I had another profitable month.

It is a little annoying that I could not produce a nice profit in the horses, but following Nose Ahead and HCE Bet did not work for me. I was not able to match all their bets, so mostly I missed some nice winners. It is not their fault, it is mine.

Here is an overview of my own lay selections on the horses:


I started the month with a 100EUR bank and now the bank stands at 114.40EUR. A nice profit 14.40% with only risking 4% of the bank on each single selection.

There is much liquidity on the market, so I will publish my selections pre race here on the blog. If you are interested you can join the selections and place bets too. I will publish my selections every day at noon.

The blog entry will look like this: laying_horses

Today’s selection(s):

2009-06-30    19:00    Thirsk    MAIDEN STAKES    CALL TO ARMS

NB. Only lay the given selection(s), if the odds are less or equal 5.0. If the price is greater than 5.0 it is not a bet. I recommend to take the early odds and a maximum liability of 5% of your bank roll on each given selection.

Cheers, Loocie

There will be days without a selection and it is also possible to have days within 2 or 3 selections. I recommend to take the odds as early as you can, because mostly they will drift to the start of the race and sometimes they drift to greater than 5.0 and I would not lay these selections at greater than 5.0.

Please note: Laying horses to lose, as with all forms of gambling involves risk, and although using this selections has proven profitable in the past, past results can only be used as a guide. Only ever use money you can afford to lose.

The Pre Race Horse Racing Analyzer is well in progress. I have already identified a possible trading strategy, but I need to collect more data to determine the best way to take a stop loss or to take a profit. If I have identified these situations I will start to implement the bet placing. The next weeks will be really exciting.

Stats so far:
Total profit this month: +EUR31.92

Cheers, Loocie

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