Computer-Aided Betting


again a long time since the last blog entry. These days are really busy and I am working on various things at the same time.

The baseball system is well underway, but I stopped betting on it, because I am not yet sure how to make the biggest profit out of it. There are a few variables which let the system perform differently and I will wait to have 100 data entries to see a trend.

The horse laying system is well underway, too. I had my longest winning streak with 8 correct selections in a row. I started betting on my selections at the end of may and with a bank of 100EUR I made 14.86EUR so far (with only 4% (EUR4) liability on every single selection), which is a great result. Here is an overview of the selections I bet on so far:
Formula 1 produced the biggest profit of the month so far:fastest_lap It is a shame they do not race every week. It is so easy to make money on this for me.

I have many ideas I want to try out, so my over all profit this month is not that big. I spend some small money on testing various things.

At the moment I am working on two things:

The first one is an excel sheet which will create some in play value odds for tennis matches based on historical data of the players.

The other one is a Betfair API software, which will track the odds movement on the horses to find pattern and possibilities to make profit.

I could not believe that I did not think about computer-aided betting or trading so far, but there is a lot of potential on this.

I will keep you updated.

Total profit this month so far: EUR17.71

Cheers, Loocie

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