Analysis of March 2010


same procedure as every month. Here is an overview how I did:

Personal Trades

Football: €14.21
I traded the Correct Score market a few times. There is much potential in this market, but I need to be more selective with the matches I trade on. I was well in profit, but then I got a little too confident and traded too many matches and gave much profit away. Being selective is the key. That is a huge task for me for the next month.

Horse Racing: €35.37
A solid month for the manual lay selections. Was a little disappointing to finish the month with a losing selection, but it was just a question of time to hit a winner.
I am now doing the manual lay selections for more than a year and I am very confident with it.

Motor Sport: -€48.99
I burned my fingers during the first two races of the new Formula 1 season. Trading the fastest lap market seems to be totally different with the rules. There is less activity in the market compared to last season.
I tried a few new ideas, but it did not work out.

Tennis: €12.00
tennisAt least I have green figures on the tennis trading front. In March I tried to observe myself during the trades. I think my problem with trading in general is, that I do not have a specified goal. I need some kind of gratification for having a good trading month. Currently I am still on my bank building period, so the only thing I know for the end of the month is that I will have a bigger trading bank for the next month, but that is not a gratification for me. Therefore I am sometimes forcing trades to push the bank to a higher level. At the moment I am far away from a professional approach.

Total P&L:  €12.59

Another disappointing month, but at least one with green figures. During the month I had a profit of €120.00 but then I forced too many trades and gave much of the profit away.
Therefore I will set a profit target of €100.00 for April.

Betting Bots

horstbeckerMarch produced a profit of 74 points, but still in simulation mode. We placed the bets for the Cheltenham Festival and got a decent profit of about 40 points.

Today the bot will place its selection live on Betfair again. Let’s hope for another solid and profitable month.

March produced a total loss of 50 points which is really disappointing. We had some technical problems with the Betfair API again and the so called BET_IN_PROGRESS issue. It is still not solved, so we missed some profitable selections. We also decided to stop the bot on the Cheltenham Festival after the bot laid a high priced winner. Was a really bad decision. Overall the Cheltenham Festival produced a small profit of a few points, but only on simulation mode. There was also a profitable Sunday, but Betfair did not work on that day and we missed another profitable day. If everything would have been fine the bot still would have produced a loss of 5 points in March.

That’s it for now. Will post later possible lay selections.

Cheers, Loocie

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