It has been quiet during the last weeks on the blog.

Tennis season is nearly over and I am only betting on my lay selections and let the bots do their work.

I do not like blog post like “Today I made xx points profit or loss…” because that is not interesting and do not help any of the readers. It is easy to fake results and screenshots, so why bother people with this?

During the last few weeks Betfair upgrades their website and API too often. Like today the service was unavailable during the whole morning. Why don’t they do the stuff during night? More commission for them.

Currently I am working on the CTP (central tracking platform) for the selections of the bots. Today I had a few tests on it and it looked promising.

Both bots are not performing as expected. But if you have a look at the blogging sphere many people are struggling with their results in horse racing at the moment.

It is just a matter of time when we will bounce back into the profit zone.

Cheers, Loocie

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