Lay Selections


Today’s selections:

No selection.

NB. All selections are lay selections. Only lay the given selections, if the odds are less or equal 5.0. If the price is greater than 5.0 it is not a bet. I recommend to take the early odds and a maximum liability of 5% of your bank roll on each given selection.

Cheers, Loocie


Jay Oliver said...

Hey there,

Nice blog, not often i come across Laying blogs, but there always welcome.

It can be frustration when a horse comes up as a selectio but it just outside the acceptable odds.

Even with my bot doing the work, i just want to go in there sometimes and stick the bet in anyways.


Loocie said...

Hi Jay,

Thanks for dropping by.
It is not too bad, if the odds move outside the acceptable odds range. It is a rule of a system and only if you follow all rules, you will make profit.

How about your overall result so far for 2009?

Cheers, Loocie

Jay Oliver said...

Hey Loocie,

Yea that is true, thats what i've learnt in the past, stick to your own rules, if they work well then you'll make profit, once you let emotions and gut feelings in, things tend to go tits up.

As for 09 Results, I've only been laying horses/dogs since the 15th October, i was trading before that with the odd bet on my football team.

But from the 15th October, I'm sitting on just over 200 points profit.

And hoping by christmas that will be closer to 300 points if not over.