Mixed Results


Last weekend was full of sport events and I invested on the following events:

American Football: -€39.95
Stock Lemon had a forgettable weekend with 4 losers. It can happen and I am not angry with that. I am looking on the long term. We will fight back. Maybe next weekend.

Formula 1: -€7.14
Trading the fastest lap market as usual was not possible. No liquidity in-play. I had a look at the following markets:

  • Motor Sport / Japanese GP : Winner -4.20
  • Motor Sport / Japanese GP : Qual Rd 3 - Top 10 5.36
  • Motor Sport / Japanese GP : Overall Qual. Winner -8.30

The market “Qual Rd 3 - Top 10” looks really interesting. There are some really nice odds available. The Formula 1 season is nearly over with just two race ahead, but I will have a look at this market next weekend in Brazil, too.

Tennis: €45.72
Wohoo! I can still do it! Changing my mind about how to trade tennis seems to help me. Have a look at the markets I traded on:

  • Tennis / Medina Garrigues v Lu : Match Odds  0.00
  • Tennis / Martinez Sanchez v Wozniacki : Match Odds 13.51
  • Tennis / Peer v Makarova : Match Odds  -2.80
  • Tennis / Safina v Vinci : Match Odds -2.80
  • Tennis / Kirilenko v K Bondarenko : Match Odds 1.33
  • Tennis / Kuznetsova v Zheng : Match Odds 14.92
  • Tennis / Cirstea v Zvonareva : Match Odds -2.60
  • Tennis / Dushevina v V Williams : Match Odds 0.04
  • Tennis / Rezai v Wozniak : Match Odds 6.55
  • Tennis / Azarenka v Li : Match Odds 17.57

What has changed with my trading so far? It may sound weird, but I do not take a stop loss anymore! When you lay a player at 1.2 I can not see any reason why I should take a stop loss at 1.1 or something else. That’s what I did in the past. All the three losses from the matches above came from laying at low odds. All in all I lost –8.60 on those three matches. When trading on Martinez Sanchez v Wozniacki I laid Wozniacki at 1.27 pre match and at 1.13 in-play. The up swing is huge and the down swing is small. I recovered all the losses and more to make a profit on those 4 matches.

Another thing I am doing is to let my winnings run as much as I can. In the past I cut my losses too early and too often.
I know I do not tell you something new about trading. You may have read the same phrases again and again in other trading blogs. I know all these things too, but I needed to make my own experience with that. I think it is the same if you say a child “Do not touch the cook top, it is hot! You will burn your fingers!” It may touch the cook top and burn the fingers, but it will not do this anymore. The child has learned from experience. Therefore I am really glad I am making those experiences on low stakes compared to other traders.

A small loss for the weekend, but I am feeling really good and confident about getting on the winning path soon.

Cheers, Loocie

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