Lay Selections


Today’s selections:

2009-07-22    15:10    Worc            SWEET AS PYE 3rd
2009-07-22    17:00    Ling (AW)    ROCK RELIEF 5th
2009-07-22    20:15    Sand            BURGUNDY ICE 2nd

NB. All selections are lay selections. Only lay the given selections, if the odds are less or equal 5.0. If the price is greater than 5.0 it is not a bet. I recommend to take the early odds and a maximum liability of 5% of your bank roll on each given selection.

Wow! I am really impressed! Not too much about the result of today, but more about how exciting horse racing can be! I watched all races via Betfair Live Video and the race 20:15 in Sandown was incredible! Burgundy Ice was well in front, but then Romany Princess, a few lengths behind, slalomed(maybe wrong grammar) during the whole field and got the win. Crazy!

I got matched at the following odds:
SWEET AS PYE @4.8 (BSP 5.90)
ROCK RELIEF @3.30 (BSP 3.0)
BURGUNDY ICE @3.85 (BSP 3.85)

A nice profit so far and the patience during the last few days, when I had no selections paid off.

Cheers, Loocie


Anthony said...

Looks like you're doing well. I might have to follow your selections until you start charging!
No tennis anymore?

Loocie said...

Hi Anthony,

good to hear from you.
You are right, I am on a good run at the moment. The lay selections are well in profit. It is not a quick rich scheme, but it seems to make consistent profit, which is really great!
I am still trading tennis, but I am more selective with the matches. A major mistake I made in past was to overtrade. I got involved in too many matches. I have an eye on the matches and if I can see an opportunity I will put on a trade. I think not losing is the key for me. Sometimes less is more :)

Cheers, Loocie