I will give an update of my trades in the last few days:

Trading Tennis

During Olympic Games I had not very much trading activity in tennis. I traded some matches, but this ended not profitable:

Hantuchova v Sugiyama +€0.45
Bammer v Zvonareva +€4.95
V Williams v Li +€3.99
Blake v Gonzalez -€23.56
Li v Safina +€9.05

I also traded the match Paszek v Cetkovska, a first round match at 2008 Western & Southern Financial Masters Women's Open. I applied a free lay, but I did not take the stop loss. I let my loss run. What a stupid mistake! I lost -€37.79, which is more than I can afford to lose. I think I forced a trade and was not patient enough. If I had taken the stop loss I would have lost only 8€.

Trading Handball

During The Olympic Games I watched some sports closely. I think Basketball and Handball are also good sports to trade on. Only liquidity can be a problem. I traded the Handball match Russia v Germany and could make some profit:


I had a liability of only 5€, so it is a nice return on investment. Trading Handball seems to be similar to trading Basketball. Early low odds can give you a very good position to make profit. I will have a look at this issue and try to develop a strategy to make profit in these markets.

Trading Soccer

I traded soccer in the past, but without success. Mostly if I make a loss, I make two mistakes: I do not take a stop loss and/or I force a trade.

I was a little but surprised about my losses when trading soccer in the past, because soccer is the sport I have the most knowledge, even more than in tennis and tennis is the sport I make the most of my profits.

In my analysis of July 2008, I decided to trade soccer only on paper, but I recognized, this is not the same like trading with real money. I did not made the same decisions, when trading on paper.

The new soccer season has started and I could identify good opportunities to make profit:


I did not force a trade and took stop losses, if necessary. That's trading!

Trading MotoGP

Today I watched the MotoGP race in Czech Republic. Generally we can see many actions of overtaking, more than in Formula 1, so the odds are flipping.

My trades:



Not very much profit, but it seems promising. There is a decent profit possible and I will have a look at future races.

Later this day I will have a look at German Bundesliga. Maybe I will update later.

Stats so far:

total loss this month: -€18.98

All the best,


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