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Hello folks,

long time since my last blog post. I am still doing fine on the horse racing betting front. I am not resting on my laurels so I am always looking for other betting systems, too.
I did a lot of research and I analyzed different tipster services to get an idea of their selection process.

For me, a value better, it was really surprising that a lot of them published their selections the evening before the day of racing.
At that time most of the bookmakers did not have offered prices on the races, except for the big meetings, so how could they determine
if a horse is a selection?

When I analyzed historical data I tried to create a rating for every horse in every race. This rating is converted into fair odds, so these fair odds represent the true chance of the horse winning the race.
If now a bookmaker offers higher odds than the fair odds the system calculated, the selection is marked as a bet.
So there are days with many selections and there are days without any selection.

From my observations of the horse racing markets I realised very soon that a lot of odds moving takes place in the space of time between 11:00 - 12:00 BST. So this is the time my new system is working in.

How does it works:
Every day in the space of time between 11:00 - 12:00 BST I log into my system and wait to get the bets highlighted. If the system
marks a horse as a bet I am placing the bet as suggested. If the bookmaker already lowered the price I skip that selection.
I am using stakes of EUR100.00 so this one hour is really busy for me, because I need to get matched at the suggested price.
Mostly I have to split my stake on various bookmakers.
When I am in UK I always place bets at the shops. Easy as that.

If you are interested just have a look at


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Have a nice weekend!

Cheers, Loocie


skit said...

So this is the website you talked here a couple of months ago on the blog post title 'Offer'?

Where you gathered some people for 'beta testing' I'm assuming?

Loocie said...

Hi skit,

Thanks for dropping by. The system I wrote about a few months ago is still running nicely.
Just to clarify I did not gather people for beta testing, I offered them using the system with real money.
I got a lot of emails from other people who are also able to place bets at the bookmakers, but do not have the time to do the system full time.
So I decided to work something out for people who do not have the time for doing it full time.
There are two systems, one for full time and one for part time.

Cheers, Loocie

Gonçalo said...

Hello Loocie,

Recently I found your blog because i'm learning how to do make a betfair bot on C#. I see that you have a tutorial for beginners like me. i've downloaded your project and took a look on everything. i'm absorving all the information but i cannot advance further because you stop precisely on how to connect with betfair API. I added the web references like you did on your project but how do i associate them with the forms? Did you continue writing the tutorial or you stop it at all?

Best regards

Gonçalo Catarino

Loocie said...

Hi Gonçalo,

sorry for my delayed reply.
Please give me your email address and I will send you an example project which you could use.