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a long time since the last update about my betting bots. I used the last few weeks for developing on the bots and on the central tracking platform. This is a web based system showing the stats and bets of all the bots.

The bad news for the horse betting bots is that I had to turn them back into simulation mode. Right after we started them running with bet placing something changed to horse racing. Not only our bots but also other punters and traders struggled with their performance. JP, Brian and if I remember correct Talkbet also struggled with their performance on the horses.

However, I am still convinced that both bots, the laying and the backing bot, can produce decent profits. Currently they are running in simulation mode and there are signs that the bad might be over. We have still two weeks to go in January, so I will give an update about the performance at the end of the month.

I finished my work on the betting bot framework, so now I am able to adapt a sport quite easily to this framework.

Currently I am working on bots for other sports, too. The aim is to let them run in simulation mode as soon as possible for collecting real time data.

To give you an idea how the bots look like, here is a screen shot of the soccer bot I am currently working on:


(Click on image to enlarge)

I had to hide some areas of the screen shot, because they give to much details away about what the bot is doing.

This week I finished the work on a bot for NBA matches. It was quite difficult, because most of the matches take place during the night and I had to log all the data and evaluate them the next day. However the bot is working reliable and since January, 10th it placed 10 bets winning 4 of them and losing 6 of them. The bot is currently 1 point in profit. Nothing to be euphoric about, but seems to be a good sign.

What will be the next steps:

  1. Finishing work on the soccer bot.
  2. Starting work on a pre race horse trading bot.
  3. Creating a bot for baseball.

The soccer bot will be finished in two or three weeks. The baseball bot has to be ready at the beginning of April when the regular MLB season will start, so no need to rush.

The most interesting work will be the pre race horse racing bot. In the past I worked on a Pre Race Horse Racing Analyzer. During the last week I got an idea about a more professional way to analyze the data. Will give an update later when I started the work on that kind of software.

I also had some personal sports trading. Will give an update later this week.

That’s it for now!

Cheers, Loocie

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